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ChoixMédia is an extensive bibliographic database of substantially all French-language books CD-ROMs, DVDs and other works.

This exceptionally comprehensive tool contains over 1,186,000 downloadable bibliographic records and will greatly facilitate your cataloguing work. Not only does ChoixMédia let you quickly compile bibliographies by keyword, it also lets you easily access new releases. Particular attention is given to youth resources.

More than just a cataloguing tool, ChoixMédia is noteworthy because of the qualitative analysis that is performed on each title. This includes a summary that gives details on the contents, and a rating factor that indicates the title’s target audience and its value or usefulness. The database is offered over the Internet.

Choix is a subset of ChoixMédia that includes only bibliographic information on French language books.

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Record contents

Each record contains a standardized bibliographical description (that complies with the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2)), and a complete document analysis:
  • Subject keywords from one of two recognized directories of subject headings for youth materials: Laval University's RVM directory (Répertoire des vedettes-matière), or SDM's VMJ directory (Vedettes-matière jeunesse)
  • Dewey Decimal Classification index, based on the 22nd unabridged edition Dublin, Ohio, OCLC, 2003)
  • Rating index (on target audience and value/usefulness)
  • Summary or annotations that give details on the material's content.

The wealth of information contained in the records of the ChoixMédia database makes it a truly complete reference tool for professional librarians and booksellers, as well as for individuals and organizations wanting detailed information on French-language books.

Record Example

Je suis un écrivain japonais : roman / Dany Laferrière.
Author: Laferrière, Dany, 1953-
Publisher: [Montréal] : Boréal, 2008.
Description: 262 p. ; 22 cm.
ISBN: 978-2-7646-0606-3 (br.) 24,95 $
UPC: 9782764606063
Adult subject(s): Écrivains québécois -- Romans.
Littérature japonaise -- Romans.
Japon -- Civilisation -- Romans.
Montréal (Québec) -- Moeurs et coutumes -- Romans.
Dewey no.: C848/.914 L1622j
C843/.914 L1622j
Audience & usefulness: A 5
Summary: La mode du roman du roman (l'oeuvre commente le cours de sa naissance) refait surface (cf. Alain Rambault, etc.) et Dany Laferrière, habile et vif, tire le maximum du procédé en ajoutant un paradoxe (le roman n'existe que par son titre). Comme l'écrit la critique du «Point», ce roman-chronique "raffiné et cru" "donne à déguster l'art poétique de Laferrière au quotidien" et fait le portrait d'un lecteur (Basho est l'auteur de prédilection) devenu écrivain et qui parce qu'il en a "marre des nationalismes culturels" veut devenir un écrivain japonais. [SDM]
Review: V. Marin La Meslée. Le Point, 1855, 3 avril 2008
SDM no.: A812192
Status: Notice terminée
Format: Monographie

« ChoixMédia est un excellent produit. On l’attendait depuis longtemps! »

Hugues Bélanger, Bibliothèque Gabrielle-Roy, Québec


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